How to maximize the profit from the use of blockchain technology?


25 April 2022

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It is worth noting that currency transactions are a risk. The use of blockchain technology is no exception. In other words, the purchase and sale of currency, other operations – this is a typical business. However, the application of simple rules can reduce these risks to a minimum. There are two sides of the issue – legal and technological.
Firstly, it is advisable not to forget about the legal regime of the state in which you carry out operations in the cryptocurrency market. For example, in China, a ban on cryptocurrency transactions for government organizations was established, while ordinary citizens may well carry out transactions with bitcoins. In the US, bitcoins have been taxed as capital gains, but it is believed that investing in the cryptocurrency market has become safer.
Secondly, a potential market participant should first study the technical parameters of the equipment with which he is going to engage in mining. The corresponding devices are called farms for mining. A typical machine is a cascade of video cards connected to one or more computers. The system emits bitcoin.
A cryptocurrency miner should take into account the year of production of the farm, its cost, and energy consumption. It is also important to remember about the dag file. It is constantly growing. If, for example, the memory of the device does not exceed 4 gigabytes, and the size of the dag file is larger, mining becomes impossible.

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