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A crypto wallet address is a unique combination of numbers and characters, typically 26 up to 35 characters.
Here's an example: Awyd1QWR5gcfrn1UmL8dUBj2H1eVKtQhg.

You immediately get a public and private address when you get a crypto wallet. Share public address, but keep private address (or key) a secret. The public address is in the "Receive" section. Go to this section, click "Generate address," and copy it to get cryptocurrency to your wallet.

It's the address of a crypto wallet that gets cryptocurrency. If you use the exchange, the recipient's wallet address is your public wallet address.

First, figure out what cryptocurrency you want to buy. Then choose a compatible digital wallet. It has to support this coin. Upon getting a crypto wallet, go to a cryptocurrency section you wish to buy, for instance, Bitcoin. Then go to the "Receive" section and copy the wallet's address.

As mentioned, it may take seconds or up to 24 hours. The average speed is around two minutes.

It takes 5 to 30 minutes to process a request. If it takes longer, it could be because of the following problems:
Maintenance when adding new cryptocurrencies to the exchange.
A clogged blockchain. Sometimes users worldwide simultaneously make financial transactions, so it takes a while to process all requests.

It's possible, but make sure to create a new transaction address on Revalcoin to avoid losing money. We create new addresses for each transaction.

Typically, the crypto exchange has lower fees, but they still occur. here are some fees you may have to pay:
The network fee for transferring coins to our liquidity provider.
The network fee for a transaction from a client's wallet. It's the fee clients pay for miners to process the transaction within the blockchain.
Trade fees charged by the liquidity provider.
Revalcoin fee (2.95%).
SEPA payment (0.5%).
Bank card fee (4.80%).

A network fee is obligatory fee users pay to the blockchain miners. Clients set the fees that miners get upon approving a transaction by solving a complex algorithm (we call it mining).

It's the accepted exchange rate on the market. As mentioned, cryptos are volatile, and the speed of transactions may differ. Eventually, the transaction may be processed at a different rate than the currently standard exchange rate.

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